• Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month - November 2018
  • November 2018

Why is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month important?

Pancreatic cancer is the toughest cancer to diagnose, treat and survive. 1 in 4 won’t survive a month. And  3 in 4 people won’t survive for a year. This is an emergency. We need change, fast.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is one way we are asking for your support to help us change the shocking survival statistics. Our best tools against this disease are recognising it sooner and treating it quickly, within weeks, not months.

By fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK you can help fund research that will save lives.

Earlier diagnosis

We urgently need to increase research investment into pancreatic cancer so we can help to save more lives. The £2m we have already been able to invest into earlier diagnosis has led to some promising results – from exploring the potential of a blood test to identify the disease, to looking at better usage of imaging technology, but there’s so much more we need to do. Your support will help us fund more research like this, and take us one step closer to making early diagnosis a reality.

Faster treatment

Pancreatic cancer surgery is the only treatment which can save lives. But too many people miss out on this option when treatment is not available as quickly as they need it.  We have invested over £3m into research to improve treatment and care.  This has led to some life-changing results: for example, surgeon Keith Roberts has undertaken research resulting in patients getting surgery faster, with a reduction of waiting times from two months to two weeks, saving patients’ lives. Your support can help us fund more work like this to help ensure more people have the opportunity to get the treatment they need.

It’s time to Take It On. Choose your way to fundraise for research that will stop pancreatic cancer taking too many lives, too soon.

The time has come – choose your way to take on pancreatic cancer and save lives