November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. We are now on Purple Alert. 93% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer won’t survive for five years.

Wear It

Dust off your lilacs and lavenders and wear something purple. Dress up all in purple or organise your own dress down day or join us on the 16th November for World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

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Handy Tip

Get the boss onboard! It makes a huge difference and will encourage the rest of your office to get involved too and wear purple

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The purple wig

Rock the leggings

Try the purple suit!

Purple Dazzle Shoes

Handy Tip

Set fun forfeits or fines for those who don't get in the spirit or forget and turn up in their regular attire - or offer a pardon for a donation

Case Study

Maureen the marvellous fundraiser

When Maureen lost her husband Peter to pancreatic cancer in 2011, she organised a collection for Pancreatic Cancer UK and began a fundraising and awareness campaign that continues today.

Over the years Maureen has organised countless events in Peter’s memory, and has been joined by friends who have also lost loved ones. Together with her daughter, Sarah Parker, and friends Claire Grant and Rebekah Stubbs they have put on coffee mornings, car boot sales, cricket matches, charity discos and more. They have taken part in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, pulled on their aprons for Bake a Difference and turned the local church purple for Purple Lights.

But they’re still not done. Coming up is a Coffee Morning Fayre Extravaganza, featuring stalls, raffles and lots of cake. And for this year’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month they will once again be lighting up their local church.

In total the group has raised nearly £10,000 towards our game-changing research and services for patients. They truly are fundraising superstars.

Wear it Assets


Use this to advertise your bake sale so people can be be in on a slice of the action.

Invitation cards

Invite your friends, family, your neighbours, or email this around your work colleagues.


Spruce up your sale with colourful print-at-home bunting.

Cake toppers

Pancreatic Cancer UK cake toppers

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