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Brian and his team 

"On the 7th of October, the anniversary of the day we finally lost David Mills Snr to pancreatic cancer, we celebrated his life by walking 24 miles to raise funds for vital research into early diagnosis and treatment. We have raised £3,441 so far!"

Samantha and Baby Layla

"Starting on the 1st October, myself and my little one Layla rode a mile a day for 24 days! It has been so physically hard and mentally hard too. I was diagnosed with a tumour that had grown on my pancreatic duct and I lost my pancreas and my spleen, but I know how lucky I am to still be here with my children. I'm one of the few lucky ones. I'm so pleased to have raised £542 and the best bit is the awareness I've spread!"

The James Newbury Challenge

"A year on from James losing his battle to pancreatic cancer, the James Newbury Challenge is our way of remebering and celebrating our dear friend and husband, James. We are asking friends and family to take on Challenge 24 by asking them to either support us by donating to the fundraising page, or paying a participation donation of £24 and joining the team with their own challenges. James loved a challenge, especially physical challenges, he worked out at the gym almost every day, and he literally threw himself into mud runs and obstacle course races. He fought every day following his diagnosis, he continued to work out when he could throughout his treatment and refused to give in, fighting to the very end. We believe raising funds to support work into early diagnosis of this type of cancer is key to improving the survival rate, and so are happy to support this charity for the second year running. Our team page goes into more detail of what people have signed up to do this year, and the team has doubled in size from last year."


"Earlier this year, my Step-Mum Coral was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Coral received the devasting news that during surgery, the tumour couldn't be removed. Coral had her first round of treatment in early October but because of the side effects, treatment has been haulted. Once Coral is strong again, there may be an option to take part in trial drugs but in the meantime, I felt one of the best things I could do to keep focused and remain supportive to Coral, family and friends is to help others in similar situations- so I signed up to Challenge 24! On the 27th November I will walk 8 miles, cycle 8 miles, and kayak 8 miles totalling 24 miles within 8 hours! The day will be followed by a Charity Fundraising Evening at The Oak, Church Eaton. There will be live music, magician, food, a Gin Raffle and an Auction! I am supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honouring the taken and never ever giving up on hope. We don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have. I love you Coral!" 

The McKendry Clan

"Our amazing mammy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of this year but thankfully her cancer was diagnosed in the early stages and therefore it was possible for surgery and she was strong enough to come through it and is now finished a tough 12 sessions of chemotherapy. We definitely feel that she is one of the lucky ones. We are so grateful and because of this we decided to take part in ‘Take It On’ and raise much needed funds for this worthy cause. We have raised a phenomenal amount of money and thank you to everyone who donated. We are overwhelmed by the support from you all "


I lost my only sister, Lorraine, to pancreatic cancer 8 years ago and in her memory hold a cake day each year for all our friends and family to come, eat cake, drink tea/coffee, chat and laugh and share our stories.  It has over the years become a regular for all of us.  I have photos of Lorraine around the house and many posters I have written giving details of pancreatic cancer, recent research and it sparks many conversations and heightens awareness of the work of PCUK.  This year I made 23 varieties of cake, biscuits and pastries! I couldn't do this without the help of my husband and 2 daughters. Helping raise money which goes towards research to improve diagnosis, treatments and support in this devastating disease helps my grief.

Jackie and Nicky

"My dad died of this disease over 14 years ago and at the time there had been very little funding or research taking place to try and combat this disease. A few years ago my friend's mum also died of pancreatic cancer and after the last few months with everything that is going on in the world, I felt it was time to do something! I am doing at least 24 minutes of exercise each day for 24 days, including walking, workouts and sea swimming. This is me and my friend Nicky, ready for one of our sea swims. We are loving it and will definitely keep sea swimming!" 


"Myself and some friends took on Challenge 24 in memory of Step-Dad who passed away in 2017. We each took on a different 24 hour challenge - I did 24 hours continuous of jigsaw puzzles, my boyfriend did a 24 hour live-stream of gaming, and my best friend did 24 hours of crafting and then gave away the products! I struggle to stay awake past 9pm, so doing 24 hours non-stop was a challenge! We are incredibly passionate about raising money for this amazing charity, and are so grateful for their support over the past few years. The work they do as a charity is absolutely fantastic and really life-changing for so many families like ours." 


"This November I walked 86 miles with 55 people and raised £1,749! I’ve been delighted with all the support I’ve had and with the money I’ve raised. I’m doing this to celebrate the lives of my Mum, Donna, and Sister, Anne, both of whom were remarkable women who loved walking and talking!"