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By Stephanie McKenna

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And that’s a wrap....

I am pleased the challenge is done and very thankful for all the support I have received from friends, family and colleagues and the donations have been over whelming, thank you 🥰

Pancreatic Cancer UK has raised over £413,000 in November which is amazing, so many great challenges set and completed - well done to all of them. 

My last set of runs are below...

Tuesday 24 November 


I decided to try a new route today, I wasn’t sure how far it would be.... It was nice to see a different road....!!! Legs feel sore but I have now decided I am going to push through and if no injuries before Monday my new target is 300km 🤭

Wednesday 25 November 


I didn’t want to run today, my lower back aches and I wanted to stay cosy... BUT.... I have my new goal and I won’t hit it if I stay at home.... 

I was struggling up a hill today and “red red wine” came on (I was listening to 80s music) and it pushed me up the hill thinking about dad and remembering why I am doing this... Then “eye of a tiger” came on and that was it, there was no stopping me.

Thursday 26 November 


I had an early run today, it was very cold and the only way I got through it was by thinking I would have a day off tomorrow.... 

Saturday 28 November 


So the day off worked, my legs felt rested. I didn’t really feel up for my run run but remembered I wanted to listen to Gabrielle greatest hits so thought may as well and I loved it, it did not feel like 19km at all, flew by....

Sunday 29 November 


And that is that, I wanted to get the last km done today (got stuff to do tomorrow) and relieved that my challenge is complete and I can now just run for fun... 

I am so glad to have not only completed my challenge but smashed it. I am proud of myself (I never say that), I set myself a challenge of 200km and as soon as I got close I wanted to keep pushing and see how far I could take it.

My body has never felt so physically exhausted. I ran for a total of 24 hours 08 mins over 29 days with 7 non running days making it 300km in 22 runs.  Some runs I loved and others I hated. I have listened to so much music and had lots of me time which has been nice. 

The challenge has kept me busy throughout Lockdown 2.0 and made me get out the house, I would like to say I am going to miss it but that would be a lie 😜 I am pleased it’s done and I can go back to running just a couple of times a week.... 

As I said when I first started this challenge, my goal was to raise awareness and money for a charity which needs funds to help discover a cure for a horrible cancer. Money has been raised but DON’T FORGET the symptoms and make sure you go to the doctors if ever concerned, early diagnosis is key to beating this cancer. 

The first noticeable symptoms of pancreatic cancer are often:
pain in the back or stomach area – which may come and go at first and is often worse when lying down or after eating
unexpected weight loss
yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice) – it also may cause dark yellow or orange urine, pale-coloured poo and itchy skin
Other possible symptoms of pancreatic cancer include:
feeling sick and being sick
changes in bowel movements (diarrhoea or constipation)
fever and shivering
blood clots 

One week to go....

When I set a 200km run challenge in 30 days no part of me thought it would be easy. 

During lockdown I was regularly running 120km per month and that felt like hard work but there is no point setting an easy challenge, I wanted to push myself and wanted a challenge that people would think was deserving of a  donation and also to read about (which would then highlight the symptoms of pancreatic cancer) so 200km was set, but in mind I wondered if I could exceed this 🙄

Fast forward 20 days since I begun and I have achieved that target, I am super proud of myself (I rarely say that) but I really am, I pushed myself to achieve this and I want to push it further. 

I set this challenge for my dad, I wanted to do something for him to be proud of and this cause is so close to my heart that I don’t just want to hit my target I want to smash it and I will continue to push myself for the rest of the month (although my legs, feet and lower back could do with a rest) after all this is the Longland way..... 

Sunday 15 November


So I took 5 strides outside the door and was tempted to turn back. My legs hurt and had cramp on the bottom of my foot (ouch). I decided  to see what happened if I continued.....

I ran through the woods, it was so muddy and I was like a ninja warrior jumping over the mud.... thankfully I didn’t slide over..... 

Monday 16 November 


I decided to try and run a bit faster today than I have been doing, the main reason was I had put a lasagne in the oven and needed to get home to dish up.... I managed a nice brisk 12km and just as I walked through the door the oven pinged - great timing 😊

Tuesday 17 November 


Ouch ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!!! This is not good, the whole run hurt me. I wanted to cry, I am so close to my target..... 

Friday 20 November 


So I haven’t been able to run the last few days as my foot has been super sore..... I have hated it, so close to my target..... plus I’ve eaten everything in sight 😱

Anyway, foot felt better this morning and I thought I would try.... 

BOOOOOM 17.5km and my target has been hit! I am super happy. Each run I do now with be for me, will be to see how far I can push myself.... I have a goal in my head..... let’s see what I can do..... 

Sunday 22 November. 


Back to my favourite day to run and after hitting my target I am just running for fun, oh and seeing how far I can push my legs. Really enjoyed that run 😁

Monday 23 November 


Brrrrrrr was very cold this morning, I decided to let it warm up a bit and then run later in the morning. Had a lovely run.... another no pressure run 😜

One week left to go and am wondering what my final figure will be.... going to have a day off tomorrow - I hurt! 

Week two complete - 150km done

So, week two is now done and I am pleased that I have now completed 150km and have only 50km to go to hit my target. 

This week I didn’t do as many KM as last week, but not too shabby....

Sunday 8 November 


I wasn’t sure how far to do today, knowing it was 19km to get me to 100km was super tempting... I thought I would go out and see what happens..... I managed the 19km and was happy to be at the half way mark.... 

Tuesday 10 November


I didn’t run yesterday, my body hurt so much in the night I had a rotten nights sleep and woke up grumpy.... plus was super busy and didn’t have time (that’s an excuse) to squeeze a run in.

So today, I wanted to get a run in early doors before the mayhem of the day begun... slept much better and managed just over 10km, it was slower than normal as my leg is a little sore 🙈

Wednesday 11 November 


Running the morning after sinking a bottle of wine is not the one.... the thirst was unreal.... had to be done though (the wine that is). 

Thursday 12 November 


Dropped the kids and ran, beautiful day - always makes the run nicer 💃🏻I may struggle to walk tomorrow.... 

Saturday 14 November 


Didn’t fancy running today after spending the morning in the rain, in a tree, at school putting Christmas lights up HOWEVER I wanted to get to 150km so needs must and off I went for a run in the rain...... was quite tough..... hopefully will sleep well tonight 🤪

Super happy with my progress, 150km down and 50km to go to get to my target and 16 days left to do it in..... 

Week one complete 💃🏻

The challenge has begun, I have been so excited to get this started and am pleased to have got week one off to a great start. I had plans in my head on how far I would run each day/week to ensure the 200km gets covered over the month but then I decided to just go hard on my first week and started with a half marathon on day one. So after week one I am 81km down 119km to go. 

Sunday 1st November 


I love a Sunday run, no time worries, set off a bit later and just run. Really enjoyed this run, the first 2km and last 3km were HARD but the rest was enjoyable. Decided (on advice) to listen to chase and status - it was good and I managed a PB (1 hour 38) for my half marathon.... I hope I don’t hurt tomorrow. 

Monday 2nd November 


Running the day after a half I didn’t think would be enjoyable but actually I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would.  The weather decided to throw everything at me with winds (always against me), rain and then some sunshine.

Tuesday 3 November 


All morning on a webinar made me go for this run, I was planning a rest day following my last two runs and my exercise class last night but my head needed the air.  Wasn’t as tough as I expected. Running in the afternoon is actually quite nice.... and easier..... 

Wednesday 4 November 


The school run was COLD this morning so decided to let it warm up a bit before my run.  Got a hat and coat all ready, decided against the hat (thankfully) and the coat was removed 3km in. Nearly fell arse over tit in the mud in the park but managed to skid through on two feet. 

Thursday 5 November 


Another afternoon trot, I have to say I much prefer running  in the afternoon. All my lockdown runs were early doors but I am enjoying having an actual break during my day. 

Saturday 7 November 


Gave myself the day off yesterday, have been told rest days are important 🙄 I missed running so went on a lovely 2 1/2 hour walk instead... 

My new Asics trainers arrived yesterday so wore those today, felt a bit tight 🤦🏼‍♀️ 

Nice late afternoon, pre take away run completed though. 

I just wanted to say too, I am so thankful for all the support I have received, I cannot believe I’ve raised nearly £2.5k - I am grateful for all those who kindly donated, thank you x 

Why I am running....

Just before lockdown I started running... for fun!!! (I know people say I am crazy). 

It wasn’t something I was desperate to do and in February it was rather cold but I thought I would give it a go.... and I actually enjoyed it...

Then lock down happened....

Running was more than exercise then, it became MY time. Time when I could listen to my music and clear my thoughts.... a time when I didn’t have to think about home schooling Olivia and Joshua or the next webinar I was planning.... it was just me!!! 

I now LOVE running, don’t get me wrong, some mornings I think I can’t be bothered and they can be a struggle but as soon as I get going I am back in my happy place. 

So when I remembered November was “pancreatic cancer awareness month” an idea came to me. Let’s set myself a challenge!! 

 I could have easily set a lower target but I want to push myself... and I want to achieve something I haven’t before and give people a good reason to sponsor. 

I also want people to read my post and remember PANCREATIC cancer. I hope that none of my friends or family ever have to hear that a loved one has this horrible cancer and I want people to be aware of the symptoms. 

- Pain in the back or stomach area – which may come and go at first and is often worse when lying down or after eating
- unexpected weight loss
- yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice) – it also may cause dark yellow or orange urine, pale-coloured pooh and itchy skin

Other possible symptoms of pancreatic cancer include:
- feeling sick and being sick
- changes in bowel movements (diarrhoea or constipation)
- fever and shivering
- indigestion
- blood clots

My dad had these symptoms but unfortunately it was too late for him and just 10 weeks after diagnosis he was rushed to hospital and died 😭

Not a day passes when I don’t think about him, the love he had for his family and how hard he worked over the years to be a great husband and dad and I thank my lucky stars everyday that he was my dad. 

At this time with COVID people are missing screenings, not going to the doctors with symptoms and sadly this will result in many many more late diagnoses and inevitably deaths. Please please please if you are reading this and have ANY concerns make sure you are seen. Life is too short, don’t let it be shorter. 

Sponsor me if you can, but more importantly look after yourself. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Mike Case

My mum also dies of this awful disease, so keep running!


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Well done Steph!!! What an amazing achievement xxx


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Great job!


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What an inspiration you are ! Amazing job you should be so proud ! Much love wenna and family xxx


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A little late... been meaning to donate for ages! Never doubted you..... I’ve learnt much about you from your co-chairness. 😘


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Incredible amount raised by an incredible person - go Steph!!


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Well done Steph-I lost my Grandad to pancreatic cancer. You are running for a great cause xx


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No doubt that you’ve got this lady! Your a star and your pa will be cheering you on every step of this adventure and all of the next ones too ❤️


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