In memory of our Bev

By Sharon Irwin

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I'm Taking it On for Pancreatic Cancer UK

I am riding 24  miles  in memory of bev  my beautiful aunt who we lost to this awful cancer x those who know me me will know i havent ridden a bike for a long time about 40 years going to be ineresting please sponsor what you can to help x vicki and ruby will be riding with me xNovember is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

Pancreatic cancer is hard for doctors to spot and there is no simple diagnostic test. More than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months.

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can help fund vital research to help get closer to a breakthrough in early diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.

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2 hours with a nurse on our Support Line


1 hour of early diagnosis research

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riding in memory of bev

So we have decided to ride for the 24 challenge 
I havent ridden since my teens so could get messy x 
Pancreatic cancer needs support help us to help them improve the odds against this awful cancer x 
Thank you xx

Thank you to my Supporters


Mel Olding

Well done Sharon, you’re amazing xx


Pauline Bickerstaffe


Emma O’hare

Good luck all of you :)


Jenny Barter

Good luck to you ladies you are all amazing x


Gemma Byford

Good luck guys.