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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can make a difference and fund world-leading research to find that breakthrough in new treatments and improve the speed of diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.

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Day 16 - No Christmas For Me

Day 15 - Wildest Dreams

Day 14 - Latch

Day 13 - All of Me

Day 12 - She Will Be Loved

Day 11 - Use Somebody

Day 10 - Dreams

Day 9 - When You Were Young

Day 8 - You Know I'm No Good

Day 7 - You're So Vain

Day 6 - Learn to Fly

Day 5 - Winter Winds

Day 4 - Bruce Springsteen!

Day 3 - Seven Years

Today I've sung a song from an album I used to love as a child; I used to fall asleep listening to Norah Jones on repeat.

Day 2

My next song is up for day 2! You can view it here

Don't forget to sponsor me, even a small amount can make a huge difference! 

My #Challenge24 challenge!

As part of #Challenge24 the members of Team Osborn are taking on different tasks. I'll be recording a cover of a new song every day for 24 days to raise money for PCUK.

Today is Day 1, and I've recorded a video of Watermelon Sugar 🍉 Watch the video here

24 people die of pancreatic cancer every day in the UK, so please dig deep and sponsor me! 

Thank you to my Supporters



Well done Sarah, your Dad must be very proud of you. Monty


Anthony Osborn


Ben Harrison



Amazing talent and a great cause, well done. Neva x


Anne Margaret Sceeny


Becky And Ollie

Well done you!


Fern Whiles

Well done Sarah, smashed it!!


Joe D

What a fantastic thing you’ve done over these last few weeks. I’m very proud of you and love you lots xxx


Moley & B

Very well done. Such an emotinal journey through these songs, I have loved listening to you play and sing.




Megan Mc

Loving the daily songs! Lots of love xxx


Mama Sue

That was the song that made me get my money out! Love the song and love you too xxxx



Big love


Suzanne Brough

Just beautiful Sarah, your singing, guitar playing, I think you are wonderful I hope you raise loads of money xxxx


Angela Minney

Good luck with your challenge.


Niall Cullens

Doubled up for #6 as I try and play that one myself. Keep going - it's great! Congrats on surpassing your target


Mc Palmer

Loved your singing and what a great thing to do it for :)


Steve Osborn

Thank you for Fleetwood Mac. You deserve at least one donation for that!



So proud of Sarah - you are a star xx


Sonia Khemlyani

These songs are beautiful, Sarah. You are doing an amazing job! x


Becky A

Sarah, well, you kept that quiet! What amazing talent...keep up the good work!



Go go Sarah, so talented!



So much love and hugs Sar Sar xxxxx


Marc Osborn

Well done keep the songs going Loved your so vain, Sang beautifully and also been told that’s my song lol x


Colette Keogh

You are a beautiful angel inside and out. Thinking of you all x


Andrea Pais




Chris And Julie Xx

Well done Sarah. What an excellent cause you are doing this for. Wishing you the best of luck. Sending love from both of us.


Elizabeth Phelps

Well done Sarah - a cause close to my heart so thank you for raising awareness and funding . Liz x


Emma Colling

Such a worthy cause, am enjoying listening to your singing, so beautiful. Thank you.




Liz Martin

Great idea, Sarah, good luck xx


Caroline Shepherd

That's a lovely voice you have! You're the image of your mum... just as beautiful..😊


Paul Cunningham

Keep singing Sarah you are sounding fabulous. X x


Rebecca Dubbins

Brilliant! Keep it up girl! Total respect ... big hugs from Leicester xxx


Sa Hughes

What a wonderful voice, and a wonderful cause. Well done Sarah x


Jenny Taylor

Fantastic!! Lovely voice Sarah, keep going x


Emily Coleman

You have such a beautiful voice!! Looking forward to hearing more :) Em


Darren Boyling

Well done, Sarah. Beautiful music.



Keep up the songs! Love the Norah Jones one in particular, my mum always used to have it on the house when I was little.


Darren Rudolph

That was an amazing cover!



So stunning, get each song stuck in my head all day! Xx



Beautiful singing. Delighted to contribute. Lots of love F & C & the gang xxxx


Helen Ness


Emma Hett

Well done Sarah, great cause and fantastic effort!



Sarah what you’re doing is fantastic!


Tumi I

It's such an important cause! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing voice whilst raising funds and awareness at the same time! <3 xx


Hazel Lingley

Well done Sarah Love to your Dad Nana xx


Nz Family

Proud of what you are doing Sarah


Sally Greenbrook

Well done Sarah, this is amazing!


Jasmine Hett


Yasmeen Sebbana

Well done my absolute princess!


Elspeth Weightman

Superstar! You are incredible!


Emma And Andy Dowley

Sending so much love to you all - looking forward to hearing more of your beautiful voice! Xxx


Zoe + Andy

Sending lots of love xx



Amazing shining star xxxx


Katie Watson

Such a lovely idea! Lots of love xxx



You're a star! Sending loads of love xxx



Love you! Proud of you!



You are fantastic I love you xxx



Love you Sarah, so incredibly proud of you.