Team Datson do the Double Dozen

By Naomi Datson

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My target 963 miles

I am Taking It On this November

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and in the UK, 24 people die from pancreatic cancer every day. So we are taking on Challenge 24 to raise vital funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK . Our fundraising will support world-leading research to help find breakthroughs in new treatments and improve the speed of diagnosis. 

It is a cause very close to our hearts, which began 20 years ago when Vera our precious Mum and Nan died of this cancer only 3 months after being taken ill. Marge was then diagnosed 6 years later but we are thankful that she is one of the lucky 1% who survive 10 years after diagnosis (14 years on and going strong!!)

This is very much going to be a team effort and we are all planning a number of challenges:

Marge plans to walk 240 miles in November including 24 miles in 24 hours on World  Pancreatic Cancer Day (19th November).

Jeremy will hobble 2.4 miles with his gammy knee each day!!

Nay will run 240 miles, paddleboard 24 miles and roller blade 24 miles throughout the month as well as attempting a quadrathlon (24 mile run, 24 mile mountain bike, 2.4 mile paddleboard and 2.4 mile rollerblade in one day).

Jules will join Nay for the quadrathlon and will also cover 240 miles biking/running.

Ray will be running 24 miles in 24 hours every weekend in November.

Han will be doing 24 days in a row of Les Mills classes.

Bill will be cycling 240 miles.

Jenny is walking 24 miles a week.

Margaret is walking 24 miles, skipping 2.4 minutes a day and drinking 2.4 cl of wine a day!!

The kids will be doing lots of challenges throughout the month!!

We are also accepting challenges which are “24 themed” so feel free to suggest something for any team member and we will give it our best effort!

My Achievements

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My Updates

The last black jack!

Thank goodness for that 🤢

Circuit Challenge Complete 💪

Caitlin's Lego Challenge 👍

Dats' Press Up Challenge 💪

24 in 24 languages!

Face Masks Made ✅

24 hours riding time and 312 miles from Bill 🚴👍

Whatever the weather 🌦

24 Christmas lights!

240 steps - well done boys (and Monty 🐶)

SUP leg of quadathlon done! 🏄‍♀️

Crazy Quadathlon Complete 😎

24 mile 🏃‍♀️ 24 mile 🚵‍♂️ 2.4 mile 🏄‍♀️ 2.4 mile ⛸

Some of our youngest team members 😍

24 Christmas Cards Made 🎅🎄

Jon's 24 keep ups (strong outfit!)

She absolutely smashed it!! Not 24 but 26 miles today 🙌 A total of 240+ miles in 19 days


Marge setting off at 06:19 to start her 24 mile walk!!!

Bill up to 12 hours riding time 🚴👍

24 party rings before bed!!

Unfortunately it isn't always sunny in November!

24 sit ups a day from Jenny!

Ray's 2nd weekend of running 24 miles in 24 hours 🏃‍♀️

Socially distanced walking!

Dats' 24 minute juggle challenge 🤹‍♀️

Bill powering through the miles 🚴 120 miles done so far!

Mike Completes his 24 miles in 4 day challenge 👍

Sanch and Seb Circuit Challenge

Keep on walking 👣

Challenge 24 Wiff Waff 🏓

Han smashing the body combat 🥊

Mike starting his challenge strongly 👍

Margaret wins the prize for best morning views!

Only this many black jacks left 🤢🤮🤢

Marge's 24 Circuit Challenge

Jeremy's 24 Circuit Challenge

Harriet and Jeremy getting their miles in 😍

24 pages of reading from Caitlin 😍

4 in a row for Han 👍

Strava 24 🤣

I was challenged to Strava run a “24”. You might need to use your imagination with this one 🙈🤣

End of week 1 💪

Marge and Jeremy still going strong 👣

Lest we forget

Team Datson getting loads of miles in today whilst remembering those who gave their today for our tomorrow 💜

24 Bed Jumps 🤣

24 Roundabout Catches 🏉. Well done boys 👍

Ray (and Harriet) smashing out more miles 🏃‍♀️

Black Jack Challenge 🤢🤮🤢

Caitlin going above and beyond the 24 🤣

Look who bumped into each other on their morning walk/run :-)

Dats getting the SUP miles in

Well done Mummy :-)

Ray getting her 1st 24 miles in 24 hour run in

Jules' 24 Circuit Challenge

Datson's 24 Circuit Challenge - thanks Nikki 👍💪

Caitlin's 24 🐸 jumps!

The roller blading has commenced!

We have a new team member....Aunty Jenny is in 👍💜

1st run from Jules 👍

Night to get those miles in!

Happy Birthday Marge 🎉🎉🎉

An early morning birthday walk together!

These boots are made for walking #240 miles

Go on Marge!

Marge and Jeremy kick off their challenge!

Run 1 from Nay

Caitlin's 24 press ups

Thank you to my Supporters


Auntie Heather And Uncle John

Well done Caitlin on you 24 Lego build challenge


Jane Cooling

Well Done


Margaret Mills

Some amazing challenges achieved by fantastic group of friends and family that all share a common love for my dear friend Margaret Datson 💜



👏 👏 A massive well done and congratulations to everyone on all challenges! 👏👏 Amazing work!! Love Jules x


Mary Andf Alan

Well Done all



Thanks for the Facemasks


Naomi Datson

What a team! Very proud of everybody's fantastic achievements. It has been a pleasure xxx


Marge And Jem

Fantastic Completed Double Dozen Challenges Thanks everyone:- Young and Old alike


Louise Wood

Amazing running Ray and amazing effort from you all. Well done Team Datson! x


Phil Birch

Great effort Dats!!!!


Auntie Heather And Uncle John

Well done Matthew, Ethan and Joshua for the 24 Christmas Card Challenge.


Rich B

Well done everyone. Fantastic effort from everyone.


Bill & Elaine Barry

Brilliant achievement by everyone for a worthy cause well done!



good work



Great work


Sara Hollis

Well done to you all


Nana Storey

Well done to you all


Alice Cherry



Clara Walding



Well done the little one


Stephen Pelham

Well done team Datson. Great stuff.


Claire Jackson

Well done, so amazing, lots of love claire and kat xxx


Sarah And John Roberts And The Gang

You are flippin’ amazing ! Incredible work all of you ! X


Gemma Nye

Amazing work Team Dats, for an amazing cause. Clapping you in guys!!!!👏👏👏👏



Well done Team Datson! What an amazing achievement!


Sara Lewis

Hey Naomi, well done to you all. What legends! Xx


Grandma Shilton

Well done to you all on your great achievements love from Julies Grandma xxx


Moira Feil


Mary Symons


Stacy Rae

Best of luck to Jules & Nay for the Quadrathlon! Go smash it! Well done to all for your amazing efforts x


Team Bufnell

So incredibly impressed by the Datson efforts! Inspiring stuff team! Big love and keep going from team Bufnell xxx


James Dippy

Amazing efforts by all. Special good luck to Jules and Nay on the Quadratbon tomorrow!!!!!


Dan Baker


Vikki Huggett


Fiona Cochrane

Go Team Datson! You are all amazing. Well done all.


L & T Denton


Marie Warner

Fantastic effort Dats and co, keep it up! You deserve a few beers after all this.



Smashing it!


Kirsty Mayne

Amazing mate well done all of you!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Ceri Tinkler

Well done to you both! Amazing stuff! Loads of love Cez xxx


Ruth Wilson

Fantastic job Dats and everyone else too!!


Helen Wain

Well done Datsons!! Helen, Nick, Toby and Noah x


Sarah Austin

Well done Margret great achievement for a very good cause x


Matt Kiteley



Dog walker on the Snipes


Homestart Staff Kidderminster


Helen Campbell

Well done!




Alison Dady

Well done Team Datson- an amazing challenge! Love to all. Alison& Bern


Yvonne Mclaughlin

Good luck Dats you can do it


Andrea And Roger

Well done Team Datson,


Wendy Harper


Doreen Moss

Well done Naomi, fantastic fundraising!



Well done Marge Good luck for Thursday




Edward Scutt

Well done Dats. Amazing juggling skills.


Charlotte, Andrew, Sammy And Joe Mcdonald

Well done team Datson! You are all amazing xx


Nikki Brown

Yes team Datson!! Absolutely epic efforts from you all 👏👏 x


Ann & Tony Davey

May God bless you in your efforts to raise money to wipe out this terrible illness. All our love and best wishes. Ann & Tony


Jennifer Logan

Your all doing amazing go team datsons/ ferricals



A great challenge for a good cause! Good luck! 💪


Janet Parr


Erica Copson

Good Luck!


Karen Stead

Huge respect to all of you on this mammoth challenge . Go Datsons



I've no doubt you'll complete the challenge!


John & Di Rhodes

Go team Datson


Mick And Mary Farmer

You are doing a brilliant job. Well done to the whole family



You're all doing an amazing job


Carol Hodgkins



Amazing work! Good luck!


Mrs R A Winnall


June Whiteside

Best of luck to Margaret and all of you - you're amazing!


Lois Fidler

Incredible effort Dats!! What about Paddle boarding whilst wearing roller blades!? Next time 😉 Good luck everyone!!


Doug And Lynne Xxx

What a challenge! Love the updates on the website. Good luck to you all, with best wishes




John And Diane

Best wishes from us both


Tom And Sue

Good luck to you all



I am feeling exhausted just reading that list of activities, amazing Dats + family & friends, Good Luck to you all


Diana Kenn

What an amazing project! We wish you all every success.


John Rand


Clare Deacon


Amanda Scutt

Challenge to Marge... to please make me 6 face masks. Thanking you muchly xxx


Suzanne Holt


Jo Lane

Wishing you all the best in your challenges for this wonderful cause. X


Veronica Whatmore

Well done all, loving all the challenges completed so far 😊 good luck with the rest.


Daniel Potter

All the best with this Dats!


Regine Miller

Well done Naomi and all your family, you are all totally amazing. Fantastic challenges!


Rachel Mackinney

Crazy but great challenge. Enjoy!


Fleur Brown

Dear Margaret - I hope that the great work to develope a screeb/test for this dreadful disease is up and running very soon.


Brian Cooper


Neal Smith

Good luck Dats you nutter


Jordan Matthews

Amazing effort!


Andy Wood

All the best Dats!


Iain Greenlees


Andy Datson & Katherine Rose Datson

Good luck with your challenge Margaret, Naomi & Jenny


Suzie Everley

Good luck Dats!!!!


Alan, Clare And Molly Hilditch

Good luck team Datson, love to you all xxx


Elaine Smale

Best Wishes and Good Luck to you all


Mark Willems

An excellent team effort.


Jason Lake


Phoebe Cooper


Hope Powell

Fantastic Nay. Crazy women!! Wishing you and your mum best of luck xx


Gwen Ellis



Well done Team Datsun.


Matthew Robins

Good luck Dats. Fantastic cause and great incredible feat! x


Rachel Stevens

Good luck Dats & Team Datson Rach & Rocky 🐶


Diana Wade

Go, go, go, love Jenny & Di




Heather Hilditch

Go Team Datson, good luck and love from the Hilditch Family.


Christine Taylor

Best of luck to all of you. God bless


Martha Duerden

To Caitlin, good luck with your challenges. Love Martha xx


Jean Underdown

Wonderful Datsons 💖


Heather, Peter And Sarah


Hazel Dodman

A friend of Ray. Also a charity close to my heart. Good luck to you all ☘️❤️


Alan And Julie

Go Team Datson....with love from Down Under!


Amanda Scutt

Challenge for Ray: A pound for every shot of Sourz! Ideally all in one night or you could go halves with Jon :-) Enjoy! Ps don't forget the twirl chaser! Go team Datson!


June Mcmurray

Great cause xx


Ashford Taxi

Great challenge 💪


Steve Dales

Good luck to you all. I always said you’re a nutter Jules😁


Max Davis

Keep going Na


Gill Cooper

Best of luck lovely Datson’s. Xx


Barbara Maile

Great cause. Well done to team Datson.


Jenny Smith

I sponsor you to eat 24 yummy blackjacks - they’ll be delivered to your door on Thursday!!


Lucy P

Brilliant effort, rooting for you all!


Elizabeth Joy Duriez

A great team, a great cause


Tracy Lewis

Hi Nay and the Datson's Good luck with all your 24 themed challenges Xx


Ruth Griffin

Well done Datsons. Great Challenge!


Amy B

2.4 per day :*


Catherine Chatterton


Kay Crabtree

Good Luck & well done to you all for the wonderful work you do to support such a worthy , special cause.


Ellen Henry

Good luck to you all. Love the Henry’s


Hugh Logan

From Margaret and I you’re All amazing. Well done to you all.x


Lucy Wardle

Good luck everyone xx


Tifnut And The Wards

Excellent effort team Team Datson!




Fiona Acamovic

Good luck!


Jenny Cox

Brilliant challenges for the whole family. I know you’ll all make it. x


Pastor Paul Ella

What a serious challenge you have all set yourselves! I do hope you raise lots for this great cause.


Ruth And Barry Walmsley

Amazing challenge by your great family.


Gem And Pete Cox

Lots of love the Bredon Cox’s and good luck to all- we know you will smash it xx