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I'm Taking it On for Pancreatic Cancer UK

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On. This challenge to support my

super mum Annie

As many of you know mum was diagnosed at the beginning of the year.she is the bravest strongest woman I know. With every knock it gives her she gives it back harder. I am honoured to have her as my super mum 

Pancreatic cancer is hard for doctors to spot and there is no simple diagnostic test. More than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months.

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can help fund vital research to help get closer to a breakthrough in early diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On. 

My donations have funded...

41 hours with a nurse on our Support Line


36 hours of early diagnosis research

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Let's do this 💜 team annie 💜

One week to go before 'Team Annie' set off... we will start at the butt and probably all end up on our butts! We aim to walk  26 miles to from ness lighthouse to town.  We are not fit! and we are not ready!.... but we are 'Team Annie' and like Annie...we are strong, stubborn and will keep going... and we will complete the challenge!cheer us on along the way... donations of chocolate and wine will be accepted!... or even better... donate to our 'just giving' page... together we can make a difference..

Thank you to my Supporters



Well done ladies!




Elizabeth Urquhart



From annie you girls did very well. Thank you. Xx .



This donation is from people that stoped to chat on the day of the walk. Thank you so much to you all


Uncles Work Mates

My uncles work mates kindly donated this money in cash. Thank you to them all much appreciate


Frances Ross

Best wishes and fair weather for your long walk for a great cause x


Angus Allison

Best of luck to you Annie hope things work out for you .



Go for it Melanie, love to Annie x


Maggie Thompson

Good luck on your challenge, love to you both x


Malcolm Macdonald Macrae

Good luck with the walk wee hen , see u soon X



With love ❤️


Catriona Macarthur

Great cause hope you raise lots of money.❤️❤️


Muriel Martin

Love to you both xx


Maggie Mackenzie

Much love ❤️ xx



Sending all my love to you both… 🥰🥰


Rhoda Mackenzie

Well done Melanie, big hugs to you both xx



Annie is a star, as is Melanie. Sending big ❤️ To you both xx


Donnie Ross

Always thinking of you both Melanie x



Love to Annie x




Melanie Macleod


Donna Plasterfield

Your Mam is one of the best. Good on you. Lots of love.🧡


Mairi Campbell

All the best ❤ xx