In memory of all Pan Can patients

By Martyna Sroka-Lalewicz

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💜In memory of my beloved dad - Robert 💜

💜My beloved dad diagnosed with incurable Pancreatic Cancer in December 2018, since then our lives have been turned upside down. 

I spent 13 months fighting to try and save his life, despite knowing that whatever I did would likely not be good enough. 

As well as fighting for my dad in the past, I want to fight for other Pancreatic Cancer patients, past, present and future. Below is why.

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest and least survivable cancer of all common cancers.

Not only is it the least survivable, but over the last decade, Pancreatic Cancer UK has only received 1% of the government's entire cancer research budget, making it one of the least funded cancer charities. 

1 in 4 people die within 4 weeks of diagnosis, 3 in 4 people won’t make it past a year. The 5 year survival rate in the UK is less than just 7%, stats like this haven’t changed or improved for 40 years due to lack of funding. 

People like my dad had the odds stacked against them from day 1. Like my dad, many others are put onto palliative care at the first consultation. THIS IS NOT FINE and needs to CHANGE! 

Things need to change and I need your help. 

November is Pancreatic Cancer month, so in November I am going to challenge myself to run 24 miles over the first 24 days of the month. 

💜I DO NOT like running, so I am DELIBERATELY choosing this challenge to add more 'MEANING' to it (if the pancreatic cancer patients can undergo grueling treatment then I can run a mile per day at least)! 💜

Please sponsor me, your support really means a lot. 

If you’ve read this far, please take 5 minutes to research Pancreatic Cancer symptoms. If you had backache or nausea for a couple of months would you ever consider that there is a tumor in your pancreas? I definitely wouldn’t, and this is why GP’s often misdiagnose their patients with less serious conditions. By the time a correct diagnosis is made, it’s often too late. Please pass the message on. 

💜Please support PAN CAN UK today - every penny counts!  

Together we can make a difference and fund world-leading research to find that breakthrough in new treatments and improve the speed of diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.💜

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Day 12- 07/11/2020

OH how I felt lazy today in spite of the glorious weather....Having cleaned the house, washed one window, and used the warm weather for that was like a drained battery, yet went for a late afternoon run! NEVER GIVE UP!


Day 11- 06/11/2020

Lovely sunny yet chilly Friday. I run with Luna at the lunch break. I also achieved 50% of my running target but still need £59 to achieve my fundraising target :-) Therefore any support encouraged. Together we can help Pan can patients. 💜


Day 9 - 04/11/2020

Another day another run. 💜

10 miles done in total as of 4-11-20. Today marks the 10th month since my dad died, so I am rather emotional. 💜💜

As my hair didn't turn purple after trying purple color shampoo I thought to get another one but then I am better to use the rest of it on some spare blonde hair extension sample I have at home and donate £15 to this cause instead of buying another shampoo! 💜💜💜

The house got a poster and purple light after the solar lamp gets charged on the rare sunny days! 💜

Day 8- 02/11/2020

I skipped my run on 1.1.20 as we went away to Canterbury. 

We wanted to cultivate the polish tradition of visiting graves of our loved ones who died (ALL SAINTS Day) although we visited the grave of Joseph's Conrad as we are unable to fly to PL to visit those we lost. 💜

As we came back when it was dark I decided to continue running and to do day 8 run on Monday 2.11 and I did :-) 💜

Day 7- 31/10/2020

I received my Pan Can T-shirt- just in time for tomorrow (1.11.20). I run in it already today.  💜

Day 6. - 30/10/2020

Quick lunch break run  💜💜💜

Day 5- 29/10/2020

I thought I won't run today as somehow I used my lunch break for cooking not my usual run...

But then I left home after work and ran in the darkness...and in my wellies as the dog was with me so darkness +dog would mean my pink trainers wouldn't be pink for long...Another mile done yay 💜

Day 4 - 28/10/2020

What a lovely day. Loads. or 


I did 3km yesterday in a drizzle but decided to do just 1 mile I am ahead of my miles target but weirdly enough I felt that this is how much I want to run today. No logic to it I know..But I felt so motivated by all the DONATIONS made yesterday it must have changed meintoDURACELL EXTRA POWER and today the sun is out but I am not as high;-( !

💜 My purple SOLAR lamp I bought at the wknd arrived & it's charging so we will test it tonight. I hope the front of the house will turn purple. 💜 FIGHT- HOPE- LOVE - ALWAYS!

Day 3 - 27/10/2020

Michael N Jill Franklin, Ania Kruk & Karolina Kanu - 💜many thanks for an EXTRA motivation on day 3 of my challenge. I thought I won't run as its drizzling but hell no I did it! 💜 THANKS 4SUPPORT💜
& thank you to The Turmeric Co. Club for preserving my heath after every run in this weather...

Day 2

26/10/2020 Another sunny day in Kent, so I ran with Luna during my lunch break --> I am not a morning person at all so midday works best if no commitments at work. Fight, Hope & Love- ALWAYS <3

Thanks to Agnieszka Piatek & Grazyna Kosowicz for her generous contribution! Love you my dear friends!

Day 1

My life has changed forever on 2.12.18 and since then I will never stop caring about research for pan can. I started the challenge today -25/10/20 as aware that now we will get more rainy than sunny days. I also want to complete the challenge on 19.11.20 which is World PanCan Day. Wish me luck as I hate running.. But hey I hated more to see what PanCan does to my no1 so that's the least I can do now! Fight, hope and love - always! TOGETHER WE CAN💪 💜

Thanks to Anna Kawa for her generous contribution! Love you my dear friend!

Thank you to my Supporters


Jamie Price

Keep up the fantastic work Martyna, your dad would be proud :)







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Well done Martyna! Awesome stuff. X


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Good luck Martyna, last mile to go!! Xx


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Good luck with the running!


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Keep going Martyna


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Keep it up!


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You are awesome!


Anna Kruk

Good Luck Martyna!


Karolina Kanu

Martyna Fight, Hope & Love 🙌


Jill Parker

You are great daughter!


Grazyna Kosowicz

Good luck 😘


Agnieszka Piatek



Good luck, Martyna! You can do it! 🍀👍💪


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Any penny counts no matter if it £1 or more!