Running for Nanny Pat 🌈❤️

By Jodie Gutteridge

I am Taking It On this November

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

Throughout the month of November I will be  attempting to Run/Jog 100miles🏃🏼‍♀️ I'm by no means a natural runner and this will be the biggest challenge I have ever taken part of in my life.

The reason why this is so important to me Is because I'm not only trying to raise awareness about this awful disease but to also try and raise as much money as I can for the research into this silent killer.

My beautiful, loving and kind Mom- my best friend (Pat)has recently been diagnosed with advanced stage Pancreatic cancer which has metastasize to her Liver. For a fit, healthy, life loving woman. It just show's that it does not discriminate.

Most people are often diagnosed at a later or advanced stage with Pancreatic cancer. Meaning that for many time is limited.

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can make a difference and fund world-leading research to find that breakthrough in new treatments and improve the speed of diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On. 🌈

 Since I set up my fund raising platform for pancreatic cancer awareness, my Mom sadly passed away on 20th October 2020. 8 weeks in total from initial diagnosis .😓💔

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My Updates

19th November 2020💜🌈💜 Happy Birthday Nanny pat.

Today 19th November.  Is world Pancreatic awareness Day!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
 This day was always going to be a significant day for me alike many others. It would have been my mom's 72nd Birthday🎂 and a day of celebration was planned along with raising as much awareness about this vile disease as possible.

 A whole month has gone by without mom here and it doesn't yet seem real. A month of tears... Emotions... And missing the person who I've loved all my life and in turn who has loved me 💔.

 Moms funeral was held on Friday 13th and it really was (under the circumstances) a true reflection and celebration of her life. A beautiful service full of colour, love and happiness.

 I had initially planned on holding an online raffle tonight with lots of fabulous prizes and donations being made by local independent businesses in and around Walsall and the West Midlands.   The tickets Didn't arrive in time .... And still haven't.... so I'm now having to re think of a new date and method of holding the draw. Hopefully before the end of this month.

 Since mom passed away, It has made me more focused and determined to succeed and embrace challenge. 
 My 100 mile running challenge throughout November was always going to be near on impossible. I remember the look on my mom's face as I told her about my challenge. It was a look as if to say  what the heck!!!! You really are taking this seriously....

 As a child I hated any type of running.... From school cross country to having to take regular fitness tests at work I've always found it difficult. 
This challenge was always going to test me physically... Mentally and emotionally.
One thing that has inspired me throughout this difficult time is the fact that my mom never gave up!  She stood her ground and fought with passion and bravery right until the very end.
I fondly think of mom and a  smile is always brought to my face when I look back at her very last Oncology appointment. She was telling Dr Kunene all about my fundraising efforts and my plan to run 100 miles in November and  her plan to join in on some of the mile stones like the first mile of my challenge and the last mile 💜🌈 she was even trying to get them to sponsor me 💷💷💷💳💰

After mom passed away... I found myself a little lost and still am.   I set myself a personal challenge  to try and get as many miles completed by my mom's birthday (today).   I've had to take a couple of days rest to allow for my poor legs to recover and to allow myself some time and headspace on the lead up to mom's funeral last week...

 As of this morning..... At 9.30am 19th November 2020 I'm  currently 12 miles from target 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
I plan on going out this afternoon and getting as many of the 12 miles completed as possible. I may have to settle for completing my challenge tomorrow morning and listen to my body screaming at me wondering what on earth is going on.

 🤞🤞🤞 For my challenge to be completed 10 days ahead of target. 😁

 For now I will again thank you all for the continued support and please where possible light a candle for Nanny pat at 7pm  this evening and have a toast to celebrate her life.. remember and think of all the other people who are currently fighting against  cancer.

If you wish to donate towards my fundraising..... Then please  click on the donation button on my sponsorship page 💜

Happy Birthday Mom 🎈

A week of memories 🌈💜🌈

 So Today Sunday 8th November 2020. 
Marks remembrance Sunday a very poignant day that marks our annual calendar. A day of reflection and a day of pride as we remember those that have sacrificed all to allow us the life that we live today.  Today we marked this occasion in midst of lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Not able to attend a remembrance service that my village annually holds... I set my final run of Week 1 around our village cenotaph. Taking a minute out of my run to stop...  Reflect and remember ❤️

It's been a funny old year... lost time with loved ones.... Some more fortunate than others however one thing that we  hold onto is memories. It somehow helps u to move through troubled times.

 I've been sorting mom's funeral arrangements out with family all week.  A time for reflection and a time to think of memories involving my beautiful mom. It just doesn't at all seem real enough and At times feels like it's all a dream. The hope  that at some stage I will wake up from this dream is what keeps me going. 

Moms funeral will be held on Friday 13th November 2020  at streetly crematorium.  A day to celebrate her life for how she lived it.  Vibrant, full of love and a celebration. It's Just unfortunate that  Covid has put a hold on sending nanny pat off in true style. A big party and celebration  is what we shall look forward to in the near future  if Life ever returns to a more normal state.

 For  mom's funeral we are asking for family flowers only and Goes without saying for those that wish to pay respects to my mom we will be encouraging people to make a donation towards my fundraising efforts for pancreatic cancer awareness.
  If you do wish to make a donation just simply leave a tribute comment Along side your donation so  we as a family can  send our thanks to you 🌈💜

🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️RUNNING 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
 I've now reached day 8 of running my 100miles  throughout November and have so far covered 40.78 miles in total. Some days I've really really struggled to even peel my head from my pillow but life goes on as they say.
My legs are in bits but every step of my journey both my Mom and Dad are in my thoughts along with prayers held for all those  that are also  faced with this journey ahead as they fight bravely  against cancer. It's true that it affects everyone not just the person with the diagnosis.

 My group of fundraisers are currently only a few £ £s short of £2000 which is absolutely incredible. This money will be used  to help fight against this vile disease and bring much needed research. It will hopefully lead to the possibility of one day  being able to receive an early diagnosis Which is crucial if anyone  stand's a chance of beating pancreatic cancer.

  I will say it time and time again how grateful I am for everyone who is sponsoring both myself and my participants   in "The real NP Runner's"

Let's raise shit loads of awareness and raise shit loads of money .
 Stay safe 🌈 and love to you all.



Days are more challenging than others 💜

So the passing of my dear mother (nanny pat) on 20th October 2020, meant that this 100 mile challenge was always going to be harder than I had planned for. The motivation  recently to keep me going was fading and I have truly been struggling to come to terms with why she was taken away from me so soon after diagnosis. 8 weeks in total and 13 weeks from first symptoms💔.
 Mom had always  planned to complete my first mile run🏃🏼‍♀️ with me albeit it on her Newly purchased mobility scooter ...her imagination around how it would look was magical.  Fancy dress she had opted for😂❤️.
The fundraising  set out from the start was always going to be about making people aware of the practically symptomless  disease......however it's  now also taken course to be completed in the memory of my beautiful mom 🌈. 

Yesterday I completed my first run on the 100 mile challenge, a little over 5 miles. I have no doubt that she was with me every step of the way. I felt a fire burn from within that pushed me further and further and that is what is going to keep me going.... She will be with me every step of the way and her memory will live on.

 This morning  2nd November has seen me complete a further 5 miles.
No doubt about it that challenge is going to leave me broken... Sore and perhaps unable to move some days but despite the physical pain and the daily mental challenge to actually get out of the house I will do it💪

I will try and give you daily updates not only  about myself  but also how the rest of my fund raisers are fantastic family and friends who have also jumped on board to offer their support and encouragement are taking part..... each tailoring their own sponsorship of challenges to suit their personal circumstances. I'm truly overwhelmed.

Each of the runners and the bike riders are all programmed up to the Strava App where  the details of their tasks are being logged.

 I cannot thank enough each and everyone of you who have Offered support and who have been generous enough to offer a donation so far. 
 It really is inspiring and encouraging me to push myself that little bit harder despite having days where I just miss my mom so much it's a challenge just getting out of bed...
A new national 2nd covid 19 lockdown looming it's giving me something positive to focus on
10 miles down in 2 days... 😎💜🏃🏼‍♀️❣️💜🌈

Stay safe everyone 💜🌈💜

Life lessons 💜🌈

So the last week has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. 

Nanny Pat has had a tough week  and been quite unwell meaning myself and my brother's have pretty much turned into carer's and having to look after her for the moment. I've learnt a lot of valuable lessons the last few days and patience is one of them. Learning to appreciate every second of every day and cherish the most smallest of memories.

A visit to see Dr Kunene yesterday  (mom's) oncologist , for more blood Tests. She's such a wonderful lady and very compassionate. 
 Unfortunately mom's  palliative chemotherapy has been put back further whilst more investigations and scans are conducted.  She's getting weaker by the day and  every second counts.  Yesterday 13th October,  Mom woke up bright as button. Remarkable considering she had spent pretty much of the past three days asleep in bed. it's lifted our spirits a little as She's been delegating her orders and task's  "getting her house in order" and has been like my mom again. She's made a list and wants her house redecorating and her bedroom 💜, I think it's all the daytime TV she's been watching giving her  some inspiration.  In-between hospital appointments she had me pushing her around DFS and SCS looking at new sofas.
So it looks like the weekend I will be busy painting.😊

I had hoped to cover a few miles this week with running  and get some preparations in task  ready for the start of next month but I've not done half as much as I has envisaged. I'm  having a day at home today and will hopefully get out. I find it's a great way to clear my head and at the moment It's very welcomed.

Thank you to everyone who has so far donated raffle prizes. I'm still awaiting the tickets to arrive! 
And also thank you to those who have purchased  gingerbread men!!! Made by the lovely Mary Donovan 🌈 I will be getting those out in the post to you over the next few days.   If you would like to purchase one then please get in touch I have a limited number left.

Please keep mom in your thoughts and  I will keep you updated on  the fundraising over the next few days.  Thank you for the support 🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈 Jodie.

Preparation is key! 💜🌈💜

 Good afternoon all, 
I just wanted to update you on the progress we are making with the fundraising efforts and so far we are now almost at £1200, which is huge amount 👌🎉.

I've been spamming most of you with Facebook posts over the last few days. The decision was met to set up a Facebook group titled Nanny pat. It will be on this group Where we hope to keep you all updated about our individual sponsorship journeys and information on other fundraising activities that we have planned throughout the duration of November. If you are already on it  then please feel free to invite as many of your friends as possible.

 Our fundraising team is growing by the day and I'm overwhelmed by the support of both my friends and family who have so far joined up to help with this great challenge. Each individual will complete there own personal task.. some are bike riding.... Some are walking... And  some like me are running ❤️ not all are completing 100 miles. There is flexibility and some are coming up with their own innovative ideas.
I will be posting suggestions for different challenges over the next few weeks so if you feel like you can  step up to challenge then please feel free to add your own Personal journey onto our team Real NP runner's 🌈

Some of us have already started with our preparation and training. We will all be tracked for our physical activities via the Strava App. 
19th November  marks national pancreatic cancer awareness Day. Ironically This is also  Nanny Pat's  birthday🎂... So in celebration of  her Birthday I will be holding a live raffle on Facebook. I will soon post details around the sale of raffle tickets and of course all the proceeds will go to pancreatic cancer research. 

I've already approached some local businesses and received some fantastic donations towards prizes. There will be a weeks self catering holiday rental to Spain up for grabs for a start,  hampers, gift vouchers and amazing beauty treatments. I will keep you all posted on the progress and update you re the raffle ☺️🌈 in the meantime if you think you would like to gift prizes towards our raffle then please do get in touch.

  💜Thank you for the continued support much love and positive prayers Jodie 💜

Thank you 🌈

I just wanted to write a little note to thank each and everyone of you who have donated so far! I'm totally lost for words at how much we have managed to raise in less than a 24 hour period!!!!!  I set my inital fund raising target at £250 as I was a little apprehensive of even being able to raise that much.... But We have absolutely smashed it.❤️  So a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart 🌈😘 Jode

p.s. If any of you would like to join in with some fund raising or take on a challenge of your own please 😜 feel free. It doesn't have to be 100miles..... And certainly doesn't have to be a run.  It could be Walk a mile a day, walk 5000 steps a day throughout the month of November, have a little think and be as innovative as you like with ideas.  There's lots of things to consider.... take a look at the  weblink ! We would love to have you join our team of fund raising  💜💜💜💜

Thank you to my Supporters


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Sharon Whitehouse

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Rebecca Rowley

Jodie, I have been so moved watching your story over the past few months. I can't begin to imagine what you, your mum and the kids went through in such a short space of time. I don't even know you and I've been in tears! We lost a work colleague to the same thing within weeks of diagnosis. It's a bastard. Well done lady!



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Clint Rose

The 10th of October 2019 my own mother died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage completely out of nowhere at 63 and this hit me hard , if it wasn’t for the empathy that Jay showed on a night I needed it the most i really dont know what would of happened. I can never repay him for that. He shared his own experience around losing his Dad which clearly was still very rore for him. I’m really sorry for your loss and I understand how painful this time is for you all . 💔💔💔 Deepest condolences Clint



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