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I am Taking It On this November

Hey everyone,

It is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

Myself and 23 other family and friends are doing at least 24 minutes of exercise for 24 days in November,  please give what you can to support me in Taking It On for pancreatic cancer.

By uniting together we can transform the future for all those affected by pancreatic cancer.

1 in 4 people won’t survive a month. 3 in 4 won’t survive for a year. This is an emergency. We need change, fast. It’s time to Take It On.

With your help we can ensure we fund research that will lead to earlier diagnosis and faster treatment, saving more lives.

Event information Friday 01st November

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Ruth Nickerson

From Ruth Nickerson (Adult Ballet) “Sorry it’s a bit late- sponsored ballet session by a very brave person! WELL DONE!!” #balletboy


Gillian Wells


Gillian Wells


Milli Pankhurst

Milli and Martin sponsorship money


Joshua Hull

You should be so proud of all you have achieved Jaq!! Well done xxx


Judith Bailey


Trudy Morris


Chris Mandall


Francesca Gilbert

Cash contributions from our lovely dancers at lessons this week 💜


Linx Printing


Roshni Odedra

Well done, such an amazing cause xx


Billal Din

Fantastic work Harry and what an awesome dedication you showed throughout! I love when people work in their spare time to help others and well done to the whole team what an amazing effort! Hope my fizz sticks helped! Not that you needed any motivation!


Jason And Janet Chapman

Well done Harry! Jay and Jay


Emma Regan

Well done Harry and team! Great cause! Chris and Emma


Emma Swanser

Well done Harry and team!


Dee Bartholomew

Congrats Harry and team!


Kim Huynh

Well done Harry, Jacqui and team! Smashed it!


Donna Dean

Funds in from Donna Dean Really enjoyed the challenge x


Gemma Wheeler

Well done Fran and Co! We know first hand how horrid this particular cancer is. The Wheeler Family


Wendy & Trevor Day

Well done to all :)


Charlotte Payne

We smashed it!! An extra £200 to be paid in from me tomorrow. Team 24 rocks! X


David Carlaw


Jacqui Gear

Sponsorship money from Gemma amber Clare Bruce and Martin


Martin Coles

Harry - you should have come out earlier! Great cause.


Trudy Payne

So happy to support Jacqui and be part of Team 24. This is my donation from the hampers. Good luck to all of you, let’s smash this £4000


Taylor Barnes

Well done Harry! You are smashing it :)


Diane Cooper

Well done Jacqui in reaching you goal x x x


Laura, Jc, India & Georgia X

Well done to Mat, Fran and all the team.


Pamela Terroni

Well done to everyone.


Natasha Hamilton

Well done Matt, Fran and all. Really great effort. I lost my Aunt to this horrible illness. X


Alys & Mae

Well done Fran & Team 24!


Thomas Coutts


Sarah & Simon Claridge

Well done Matt, Fran and team x



Amazing commitment from your team and a superb donation to the cause.


Riccardo Delnevo

Well done Matt


Lorraine, Babs & Linda

Donations received from Lorraine, Babs and Linda with many thanks 💜


Mark, Sarah, James & Ella

Well done Matt and Fran, keep it up!


Ann Cuthbert

Sorry I missed ballet this week Matthew but it looks like you were better at it than me!! Well done to your team on the fundraising xx


Grace, Lily And Henry

Well done mum and dad! With love from Grace, lily and Henry xxx


Beth Hodson

Thank you all ❤️ Especially Loved #balletboy



Go go team Gilbert xx


The Scotts

Well done #balletboy the girls are looking forward to seeing you at their next rehearsals and a show cameo? Seriously well done to you all, great effort for a great cause. Thank you.


Jan Galloway

#balletboy you will love the class - probably end up signing up for next term! Well done to both of you x


Liza Webster

#balletboy Matt - I wasn’t going to let you get away that easily! Lots of love, The Websters xxx


Alicia Larrington

Well done Jacqui!xxx


Tracey Brown


Zoe Edmeades

Pirouettes pliés and a couple of grande Jetés please. With all our love your friends the Edmeades xxxxxxxxxx #balletboy#balletboy#balletboy#balletboy#balletboy#balletboy#balletboy#balletboy#balletboy


Darren Harbur

Well done Matt. Darren & Kathryn Harbour


Roger Nash

Keep it up, great cause!!


Oyeleye Family

Had to be done Matt! #balletboy


Jacqui Gear

#balletboy You are amazing and can’t wait to see you in that ballet class 💜💜💜


Chris Terroni

I miss my Dad every day. Thanks



#balletboy Front row seats and tutu please! Love The O’Connors x


Peter Cleaver

#balletboy just to see Matthew Gilbert doing ballet, good luck.


Tim Steele

Great cause!


Carla Mayo

Lots of love xx


Carla Mayo


Maria Wright

Well done


Sarah Kelsey


Sara Killingworth

Well done Jacqui much love to you x


Raffle Fundraiser



Happily donated good luck x


Emma Melia


Jacqui Gear

Sponsorship money received for Team 24


Susie Crago

Well done to Fran and family raising money for such a good cause. With love and best wishes, Susie, Dean, Grace, Hannah and Sarah


Mary Kirton & Family

A fantastic cause!


Jan Mcgregor


Jo Durant

Well done Jacqui x


Damian Pymm

Amazing work!


Justin Beecher

Keep going Matt & Fran Gilbert, you are AWESOME! The Beechers


Alex & Emma Buckle

Well done to you all. Lots of love x


James Gilbert

Well done to Matt, Fran and Alice. Great work. Love James, Katie, Bella & Austin x


Mr & Mrs Thomas

From Tracey Mum and Dad


S Lyons

Keep it up Mr and Mrs G!... Great cause 🏏🏋️‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🤺🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️... thought we’d offer up a few ideas... as a family we have all voted for the weight lifting option... xx


Kathleen Mcclintock

You & your team keep on doing what you are doing and raise as much money as you can in the hope that one day this dreadful disease can be diagnosed earlier leading to treatment & potential cure xxx


Matt Eyre


Clare Young

Great work! Raphael was a very lovely man xxx


Hollie Clarke

Well done for raising awareness and money for such a good cause.


Zoe Edmeades

Go go go. Great cause. Big hugs the Edmeades xxxx




Richard & Georgie Weir

Good luck from The Weirs x


Rosaleen Mcclintock

In memory of Irvine your Dad a very special person xoxo


John Terroni

Good luck guys! Love John and Jenny. Xx


Michael Cafferkey

Good luck Matt and Fran!


Nerys Adu - Jebeile

Good luck


Natalie Beecher

Well done Matt, Fran & you all Lots of Love xxx


Becky Boden

Great thing to do. Good luck all!


Nicola Beeston

Unfortunately I know only too well how horrific it is to lose a parent to cancer. Wishing you all luck and love to you Fran & Matt. ❤️


Emma Tanner

Great cause x


Helen Smithson

Excellent cause all of you - well done x


Steve Brown

Good luck!


Catherine Martin

Smash it hun x x c


Alan & Caroline Huynh

Good luck to you all


Amanda Mcdade

A great cause. Well done everyone


Bob Bailey


Katy Terroni

A truly worthy cause, sending our love xx


Jacqui Gear

For all of Team 24, let’s do this!