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I'm Taking it On for Pancreatic Cancer UK

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

Pancreatic cancer is hard for doctors to spot and there is no simple diagnostic test. More than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months. Nigel lived for 14 months from the date of his diagnosis but that was after several months of tests.

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can help fund vital research to help get closer to a breakthrough in early diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.

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41 hours with a nurse on our Support Line


37 hours of early diagnosis research

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No Additional Miles, I am sorry to say

Hi there, I had every intention of carrying on walking after completing my 33 miles, but sadly ended up back in hospital after my procedure the other day & now I'm out, have been told to rest for a week. However, I am so grateful to you all for sponsoring me for doing the 33 miles in memory of Nigel, my rock.

All the funds you have donated will go towards working on  a early diagnosis tool for Pancreatic Cancer & other research so I am delighted with the total raised.  Thank you so much. You are wonderful people!  

I've taken it on!

33.6 miles later I have completed my 'Take It On' challenge in memory of Nigel. I've raised over £1000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK to go towards research for an early diagnostic tool so that others can be diagnosed more quickly & therefore receive treatment earlier.  But to do that, it has been down to YOU,  (all 36+ of you wonderful people) who have sponsored me & enabled me to do this.  THANK YOU.

I'm hoping to get in a few more days walking before the end of the month, to make up to a month's worth & I'll add it on.  Thanks to those who have been out on walks with me & the dogs (who are now soundly asleep downstairs)!  

Walk to the Barrel Oak

Up on the Chase, we have a fine oak tree, which has been the focus of many family walks over the years, from when the boys were tiny. That's where I ended up today (& a bit beyond) on my walk. Nigel liked to sit on some logs that people had kindly put there & ponder on life.

The big loop today

Di & I have done the big loop today, adding on a little bit more on to the Loop walk.  Glorious morning with a tiny bit of rain & lots of dogs out on their walks & people to chat with.  Nigel regularly did this walk - me less so.  The dogs are both shattered & fast asleep now! 

A change of technology once again!

Having somehow managed to confuse Strava the other day, I have moved onto Nike Run Club at Jon's suggestion.  I'm not convinced, as I was sure we had walked further than 1.2 miles this morning.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll try to run them both together to see if they agree on the distance!

A glorious Wednesday morning

For a change, we went over to walk with my friend, Jackie, in East Carlton Park this morning.  Cass & Bill were enthralled by all the new dog smells & kept vanishing!  Walking through the wooded part today, took me back to my earlier years when I used to visit the wood up at Hadley Common, near Barnet, & spend rather too much time scuffling through all the fallen beech leaves!

Tuesday 16 November walk

The dogs & I set out on a walk this morning, up to the ponds on the Chase. I checked my mileage whilst there, which was fortunate as Strava stopped working so it looks as though I'm stuck up on the Chase!  SO I'm just doubling my distance as it was a straight walk there & back, stopping to have a chat with Caroline & friend (the former is a dog walker - only 5 dogs this morning!).  

This afternoon, I did another very little walk over at Rothwell, this time with Alfie, my grand-pup, as Jon is unwell.  It wasn't far at all but every little helps! (And Alfie greatly appreciated it.)

24 miles completed!

I have walked 24 miles, so now I'm onto the additional miles I have set myself.  Whatever I do, I'm aiming to keep on walking until the end of November to see how many miles I can achieve.  (And aim to keep the slightly longer walks up after then too but without the challenge!) 
I'm putting in a shout-out here to my niece, Flora Streater, who is raising money for Pancreatic Cancer in memory of Nigel, for her birthday.  Thank you, Flora!

Saturday walk in Weldon

Today Cass, Bill & I met up with Katie & Roo in a park over at Weldon.  It was good to catch up with Katie & the dogs really enjoyed their walk.  Cass, in particular, normally sticks close by but this morning was scampering off all over the place - including going for a dip in the lake! However, when I tried to get a photo, it was Bill who wouldn't come back!

An unexpected walk today

Had a quick walk with the dogs today before I had to go out, as Alex normally walks them on Friday. It started very drizzly & gloomy but by the time we reached home, the sun was out & the sky was blue.  Can't ask for more than that!

Wednesday 10 November

It was a grey, damp morning today, when Di & I took out the dogs.  We met several other dog walkers & saw unknown birds in the distance. Most notable was a vast flock of some sort of bird take off from a distant field - we were too far away to tell.  Also a couple of large grey birds hanging around the ponds - probably herons, given their size. After the walk, I went swimming over at Corby, where I met Jane Phillips & my son, Jon.  I can never keep tabs on how many lengths I have done, so I can't count them towards this challenge!

Half way there!

Just realised that I am half way to my goal of 33 miles in memory of Nigel.

Skylarks, formation aircraft & a Tibetan terrier!

Beautiful morning for a walk & it was lovely hearing the skylarks sing.  However, the drone of aircraft blocked out the skylarks as a formation of three little planes went through their paces high up in the blue sky.  I've often seen them practicing in spring & summer but not at this time of year.  Final bonus on the way back was meeting a very cute little Tibetan Terrier - I haven't seen one of those for quite a while.  Cass & Bill were very polite to it, thank goodness!

A change of scenery

This morning I met up with my sister, Jill Streater & Rosie Doodle, plus Jonathan Holt, Flick & Alfie the Pug for a walk over at Twywell Hills & Dales.  It was a much shorter walk than anticipated but the very number of dogs there kept our four dogs in a state of bemusement.  There's an excellent Barista bus there to get a coffee when you've finished!

Under 20 miles to go

On this rather grey morning, Di & I went out & repeated our walk of Thursday with Cass & Bill which has reduced my mileage to do to under 20 miles out of the 33.  I wouldn't dream of telling you how long it took due to Bill's propensity to stop & sniff everything.  Dogs may go double human distances but Bill also takes double the time to do it unless he's on the homeward strait.

All change once again

So my procedure isn't going ahead today & I must confess it was really to do with me not reading the paperwork properly so it will be rescheduled in a few weeks.   
Therefore I have started walking again, this time with my friend Di & the dogs.  A rather longer route this morning.  Bill fell asleep immediately we returned home & Cass is rather stiff.  They can sleep it off for the rest of the day, while I'm going to collect Felicity from nursery this afternoon & babysit her for a couple of hours.

Felicity pitches in!

Yesterday we finally held Nigel's wake.  It was ultimately much better than I had hoped for & I hope we did Nigel proud.  Felicity, my 2 year old grandchild, has obviously got begging off to a fine art, as she took possession of the Pancreatic Cancer collection box & insistently went round everyone, demanding coins to be put in so she could rattle the tin!  Sorry to anyone who she has bankrupted.  Proceeds from Felicity's forceful way of collecting are counted separately to my sponsored event!

Absolutely amazing!

Hi every one  - I am delighted to say that your donations to Nigel's fund have totalled over £1000 now - which is tremendous.  Thank you all so much.

I apologise about the silence on here over the last few days but I'm going to update my mileage now.  Definitely slowly but surely.  I have to say that I'm not putting in anything for yesterday as the downpour meant Cass, Bill & I went out for the shortest walk due to the appalling weather!  I didn't even bother putting their Pancreatic Cancer Bandanas on. 

I won't be logging any walks this week as I have to self isolate & then have a procedure on Thursday but hopefully I'll be back in business on Saturday.

Day 4

Well, the dogs & I have done 4 days of our challenge now.  I have been very fortunate in having two local friends who have accompanied us on two separate days - Di Acaster on Day 2, when we did one of our normal morning walks & Jane Phillips on Day 4, when we walked round the large field behind Mum's. It's a balance in checking that Cass is doing okay (touch wood, she's okay so far) but also that I'm fine too. It's great to have the company.  Today I went out with just the dogs - a blustery day so I walked around the woods nearby.  Apart from seeing a sparrowhawk out on the hunt, it was a good walk but sad to see the seeming devastation that our local stately home forestry section has inflicted on the Chase.  Tomorrow I have an early morning appointment & then may have to babysit so I'm taking a day off & Alex will walk the dogs. I'll be back on Friday!

Technology has outwitted me!

I don't seem to be having much luck in connecting Strava to Pancreatic Cancer UK, so I'm going to put in my totals manually from now on!

24 a day ...

Did you know that Pancreatic Cancer kills 24 people a day?  That's why Pancreatic Cancer UK made it 24 activities or whatever for people to raise money for research into early diagnosis.  I just had to be difficult & decide that as I must walk 24 miles a month anyway with the dogs, that I would set my target to 33 - how long Nigel & I had been married.  So, I have started my challenge today with Cass & Bill & walked further than we usually do.  I'm hoping it will appear on Strava tomorrow!

Thank you all once again

As I approach meeting my revised target of raising £900 for 'Take It On' in memory of my Nigel, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have donated, including some people who haven't even met me.  My heartfelt thanks to you all.  

Your donations have contributed to enabling more research to be done with the hope that an early diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer can be produced.  Essential for treatment

I start my walking next weekend, to account for my possible week out at the beginning of November, which is significant to me, as Sunday 24 October would have been our 34th wedding anniversary.  I feel that starting the walking then is a positive thing for me to do.

A bit of a change is necessary ...

Hi All, just to let you know that I'm going to have to tweak the dates I do my 'Take It On' challenge as I have been called to hospital for a procedure in the first week. Typical!  So, I'm going to start my challenge on Sunday 24 October instead, as I have to isolate before the procedure & will need possibly a couple of days afterwards.  

Cass & Bill are getting ready for November

Today, I have decided that Cass & Bill & I should start preparing for 'Take It On' next month.  We've been out for half an hour in the autumnal sunshine & when we got back, Cass & Bill kindly stayed still to pose in their Pancreatic Cancer bandanas!  I have raised over £700 out of a revised target of £900 so far, in my endeavour to help research into Pancreatic Cancer & stop other people having to go through what Nigel & many others had to very painfully endure.  If you were thinking of donating (however much) & haven't as yet, please do so.  Cass & Bill & I will do our challenge as best we can.  Cass was very poorly last week as she was put on anti-epilepsy tablets after several days of episodes (3 collapses out on walks) & reacted badly to them initially.  However, she seems to be back to her former self now, thank goodness, so hopefully we can get back to walking a bit further each day. 

Thank you all for your generosity

Just yet another 'thank you' for your support.  Words from me are inadequate but apparently you, my friends, have donated enough to make a palpable difference to pancreatic cancer research.  I am still still waiting for my registration pack but when it arrives I'll plan my walks & let you know.

You are all amazing!

The reason why ...

Several months have passed since the awful day that Nigel died, after he deteriorated rapidly after Christmas. I now ready to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK in the hope that it helps them find a cure & stops so many other families having to go through what we went through, both Nigel & the family. We are convinced it was Felicity, our granddaughter, who kept him going so long, as he loved her so much & was delighted to discover he was going to be grandpa. 
Pancreatic cancer seems to be so overlooked when people are donating money, so every little will be gratefully received. 
Why 33 miles? Well, we had been married 33 years so it seemed a good realistic number to pick, as those of you who know me well, know that I'm not the fittest or most athletic person around!

Thank you to my Supporters



Well done Hil, Nigel would be so proud Love Katie Ryan and Roo xxx


Kate Birrell



Well done, Hilary. Love Barbara xx


Alex Holt


Mary, Margaret & John

For Nigel, on the day of his wake, 31 October 2021. Much missed.


Benita Hewitt

Well done Hilary, enjoy the rest of your walking. Hope you are doing ok otherwise x


Deborah Crosby

Go Hil, go! I have been thinking of you a lot over this past year. I would love to join you for a stretch of your walk if I can. After all these years it will be like an episode of Ramblers! Bronwen is keen too. xx



Well done Hilary. X


Sophie Parry

Well done Hilary, sending love Xxx


Linda Newell

I'm a friend of janes ,my mum sadly passed away with pancreatic cancer ,it's a horrid cancer


Anne Clay

We are right with you Hilary, hope to join you for a couple of walks.


Jo Arrcher

Well done, Hilary. Lots of love. x


Clairey Hanlon

Good luck for reaching such an amazing target Aunty Hil. I’ll donate some miles from Scotland too 🥾 Lots of love and bear hugs xxx


Ellie & Matt

Enjoy the crisp autumn air Hil. Wishing you all the best and perhaps get to join you for a Stamford stretch xxx




Paul Streater

Good luck, and love from Paul and Susan xx



I'm here to support you, Hil, in memory of Nigel. Love Mum xx


Emily Hayland


Alex Przyjemski


Pam Przyjemski

What a great thing to do, good luck x


Ruth Blythe


Katherine Hanlon


Di Acaster


Billie Stevenson

Lovely thing to do Hilary. xxxx


Christine Treanor

Thirty years and thirty miles, so very fitting. Well done Hilary for taking this on at a difficult time. Sending love and best wishes.


Megan Rodrigues


Adam Wallis


James Porter

For Nigel's fund raising fund



Big love ❤️


Theresa Rodrigues


Del And Jan Robertson

Bless x


Danielle Eade

Go Hilary! We are all with you, every step of the way xx


Jill Streater

Go, Hilly! Would be lovely to accompany you on a couple of them if I'm at home xx


Maddie Preece


Jane And Jez

I ll walk with you Hil whenever you want company xx


Mrs H R Holt

Putting my money where my mouth is!



I hope the donations can help 🙏


Lindsay Parrish