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By Glyn Goodchild

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I'm Taking it On for Pancreatic Cancer UK

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

Pancreatic cancer is hard for doctors to spot and there is no simple diagnostic test. More than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months.

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can help fund vital research to help get closer to a breakthrough in early diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.

My Brother Frank, was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. One way or another It has proved to be be an awful illness from diagnosis to chemotherapy and recovery.

I want to help people who suffer this invasive illness. I am preparing to walk 24 miles along canals between Macclesfield, my original hometown, and my present hometown, a distance 24 miles, in keeping with the 24 part of the challenge.

I would be grateful if you could sponsor me on my challenge. You are also welcome to join me for a "walk and talk" for a Mile or two.

Thanks for your interest, we can do this together.


My donations have funded...

17 hours with a nurse on our Support Line


15 hours of early diagnosis research

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Great idea Glyn, I've donated £20


Elizabeth Rawlinson

Good luck Glyn! Such a worthwhile cause.


Luke Ryan

Come on Glyn, you've got this!


Steve Lanigan

Good luck glynn


Lynn Simpson

Do well in your challenge Glyn x


Emma Foster

Great project Glynn xx


Jade / Daniel Goodchild

Good Luck Glyn. Xx


Sarah Holt

Go smash it Glyn


Martin John Caufield

Just keep on moving my friend..


Denise Kidd

Well done Glyn on undertaking this! A very worthwhile cause! Good luck 🥰


Kate Bramley


Tina Naul

Good luck Glyn, a noble cause.


Jane Evans

Good luck Glyn.A fantastic thing to do for the charity and for your brother.


Dave Stearns

Good luck Glyn - great cause👍


Anne Alothman

Good luck Glyn


Bev Livesey

Well done Glyn for taking this on xxx


Linda Hayward

Glyn you are a massive inspiration, when you are Macclesfield come and have a brew x Happy walking!!


Tim And Julie


Sandra Buckley

Good Luck Glyn 👍


Simon Goodchild


Craig Mcintosh

Hi Glyn.. Very happy to sponsor you and if I can I will meet you en route to have a chat.. Good luck my friend !


Theresa Derbyshire

Happy walking


Michelle Thomason

Good luck, you are amazing xx


Alison Pettit

A very worthy cause close to many hearts.


Daphne Hinds

Good luck


Julie G

Good Luck. Know you will do it. x


Jonathan Stones


Glyn Goodchild