Purple for November!

By Freya Peachey

I am Taking It On this November

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On!

My Dad passed away on the 3rd of November 2019 from this horrible disease. I was just 16 at the time and because of this disease my dad won’t be able to walk me down the aisle, meet his grandchildren, see me graduate University, see me start my career, see me pass my driving test or see me live my life in general. And that isn’t okay. My goal for my fundraising is to stop other teenagers like me or anyone losing someone to Pancreatic Cancer. It is not fair that most people who get this disease die from it. It shouldn’t be that way. People shouldn’t be saying goodbye to loved ones this way. 

My idea is to dye my hair purple for the month of November (this is pending as I need to get permission from my head of 6th form) I’ll be very happy if you could sponsor me and help find a cure or help prevent people getting pancreatic cancer. I’ve shared my story and now it’s time to do something about it. 

This is in memory of my lovely Dad, Mike Peachey (29th of December 1971 - 3rd of November 2019) I love you Dad, I always will. 

My Achievements

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My Updates

I did it!

I did it! I went purple.... ish 😂 it’s pink and slightly orange in some places but who cares 😂💜 thank you to everyone who has supported me I am so appreciative of everyone also check out @gingham_girls_studio on Etsy who until the end of November have kindly offered to donate 50% of profits of the purple mask I am displaying in one of these photos and well as the purple scrunchie! 💜💜 Keep donating to the link in my Bio to help beat Pancreatic Cancer, it’s unfair that the survival rate is so low but with our help we can improve this 💜💜 This one is for you Dad xxx miss you always Also thank you to my big sister Niamh for putting up with my moaning about the pain I was in when my roots were bleached, and for taking the rather dashing photos 😂💜

Purple in progress!!

After bleaching my hair last night the purple has just been applied!! I’m very excited 💜

Dying my hair

Hi guys! 
Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who had donated and supported me so far! Unfortunately I won’t be able to dye my hair for the full month of November but I will be dying it during my half term. I have a total of 4 weeks off school due to my virtual lesson weeks falling either side of the half term. I will be going Purple even if it isn’t for the full month of November. Thank you for all your support! 


Just thought I would update you all on the Purple for November cause: 

As of right now my head of 6th Form has said I am not allowed to dye my hair purple as it states in the 6th form contract I am not allowed to dye my hair anything other than natural. We are taking this further. I will be asking my teachers for character references if necessary but hoping that it won’t go too far. I’m not happy at all with the fact I’m not allowed to dye my hair as other people at my school have dyed hair and the reason I am dying my hair is for a cause close to my heart. I’ll keep you all posted as things develop, hopefully Soon I’ll be able to say I can dye my hair purple. 

Keep donating and sharing the link as even if I can’t dye my hair I will still be fundraising some way or another for Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

Love you all 💜

Hit the Gaol!

I am beyond grateful to everyone that has donated so far! Just over and hour since I’ve uploaded this page and we’ve already hit the £100 goal I set at the start! I am so thankful to everyone who has donated and shared the link, keep donating and keep sharing! 

A very special thank you to Dean!! I am incredibly thankful! 

Please help if you can!

Please if you can Donate! If not share my page and help with the fight against pancreatic cancer! 

Thank you to my Supporters


Aaran Shepherdson

Hi freya I'm absolutely gutted to hear your story your dad would be pround of what your doing keep up the good work


Alice Glendinning


Tms Protection Limited

This disease took away a great man who was a loving father, friend and colleague. Hopefully our donation will help find a cure and prevent others from the experiencing such a loss


Wayne Saunders

Good on you for doing this in memory of your dad Freya, he would be proud of you.


Lara Hogbin


Claire Collard

Good luck with your fundraising xx


Rebecca Davies

Freya you're such an amazing, strong, beautiful person! If you ever need to talk then let me know! xxxx



So sorry for your loss , great to hear of the fundraising you are doing wish you the very best with this and all ahead ,keep that great passion and commitment strong...


Paul Moore


Niamh Peachey

For Mike. Miss you xxx


Matt Clayson


Malcolm Gomez


Miss Green

I too lost my dad to cancer 💜 your story really touched my heart. My thoughts are with you and I’m very happy to help you reach your target 💜



Gd luck with everything you do, so sorry for your loss, keep strong and stay positive your father is always with you.


Cher Brown


Christy Mae Stone



Emily Rodgers

Very proud of you and Tilly for your incredible strength since your lovely Dad passed away. And he would be very proud of you too xx



I lost my dad at a young age too, he seems like a lovely man and at least you had him for a while xx


Mr R Hardy

I worked with your Dad doing security at various festivals and venues, he was a kind man who always put a smile on my face. You're doing an amazing thing raising awareness like this, keep up the good work!


Sam Dawson

Good on you Freya....


Peter Hopkins

Well done Freya, This is an awful disease that I have a very close connection with. All the very best Pete.


Claire Collins



Samantha Thompson


Julian Waltham


Joe And Debbie

What a lovely thing you are doing xx


Maddie Mcclements

I know how hard it must have been for you to go through this . You are strong , brave , and loved . I am really proud of you for raising money to help other people so that they don’t have to lose their loved ones too . You’re a really special person ❤️ Sending lots of love x




Ian Hoare

I didn't know Mike for long, but long enough to appreciate what a great man, and Dad, he was. This is a terrific thing to do - just make sure you pick a good shade of purple !


Hannah Stanley


Dean "phil" Murray

Your Dad was a big guy with a big personality and left memories with everyone he met, me included.


Eleanor Harrison



Alice Peverett

Sending so much love to you💗💜


Jacqueline White

Your dad would be very proud of you darling x