24 daft hings to stick it to Pancreatic Cancer!

By Dominique Barclay

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I am Taking It On this November

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

My absolute belter of a maw has recently been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I’ll be honest, I knew very little about it until that point and I’m still learning right now. 

The stats and figures around Pancreatic Cancer are frightening and it’s unacceptable to me how underfunded the research and treatment is - particularly in the UK. 

Now, let’s also add in the fact that Covid has the potential to stop potentially life saving surgeries. We were lucky enough that my mum was eligible and has undergone surgery but, she’s one of only 20% of people who are eligible. That leaves 80% of patients who don’t have this opportunity. This gives my mum a huge head start against the illness but, for most - the odds are not in their favour. 

It’s all about an early diagnosis! 

The fact is, most people in their lifetime will be touched by cancer in some way or another. 

SO, for the month of November, I’ll be taking suggestions on social media for absolutely daft things I can do to raise money. I’ll stick them all in a jar and each day, I’ll have my mum pick one out and I’ll film myself doing it. 

If you’ve ever wanted me to make an arse of myself - this is your opportunity! 

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can make a difference and fund world-leading research to find that breakthrough in new treatments and improve the speed of diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.

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£1000 target reached!

Thank you to each and every one of you who has donated and made suggestions so far. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means 💜

Life changes so quickly sometimes. A diagnosis of cancer in someone close to you can leave you feeling helpless. However, having this fundraiser to look forward to and work towards has been a source of so much positivity for me personally. I hope you all feel like you’re making a difference here too because you bloody are!! 

Wish I could give each and everyone of you a big ole cuddle x

15 days left to make suggestions of absolutely daft hings 😂

Target smashed in less than 48 hours!!

Hi everyone :) 

I can’t quite believe it but, the £750 target (approx $1400 for the Australians) has been met already. 

Thank you so much to each and every single one of you. A special thank you for the £200 donation from my family which is just INSANE! 

I’m going to up the target as I still have 3 weeks left until the beginning of the challenge. I’ll also be going out on social media to make sure I have at least 24 suggestions of daft things I can do but please, don’t forget to send me a message with your suggestions if you’ve donated!! 

My heart is so full right now. Thank you again! ❤️

Thank you to my Supporters


Alex Sakhatova

Thinking of you both! X


Rebecca Ward


Alex Mackenzie

What a wonderful way to raise money! Sending love to your mum. And my daft thing: Get a transfer/temporary tattoo and pap it on your forehead. Or chin.


Pat And Ray


Matt Cowie

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it


Bonnie Isbester

Thinking of you and your mum 💜💜


Zoe Scutter

go down to the supermarket and moon walk the entire journey to, from and in the store. you better film it too then aye


Lozz Waters

Thinking of you and your Mum ♥️


Gary Lewis


Geraldine & Laurie Humphrys

Thinking if u both ❤🧡💛💚💙💜


Allison Hathaway

Thinking of you. All the best to you and your maw. xoxo


Jacinta Priest

You know what my suggestion is



Love you ❤️


Rebecca Turner

Can’t wait to see your crazy updates! - review an episode of the bake off using ASMR - create a silent movie of a ‘day in the life of mini’ - create a fashion show with only what’s lying around your house.. think toilet rolls, bin bags etc and do a catwalk!


Joanne Muir




Kate Pirie

Yas Queen. Proud of you


Shannon Brown

Amy Winehouse hair and makeup and cover one of her songs. Love you guys 😘


Lyndsey Holland

I love u and hope u mum is ok my love xx


Heather Thomson

Good luck 💕


Robbie C

Bless you darling girl


Maddison Fleming

With love from the Fleming family ❤️


Dan P-z

Sending lots of love Mini!


Nick And Dave

I'll send you a list of songs we want you to cover!


Meredith Wilson


Denise Gore



Rebecca Hemphill

Put on as many items of clothing as you possibly can, stand in the street and shout 'I am the prettiest piñata!' and perform your best dance moves



Hmmm challenge suggestion ..do a portrait of your mum while blindfolded ...and/or do a portrait, as elaborate as possible, with like a 2 min time limit. Got any watercolours? Ooh replicate the rocky horror picture show make up with no mirror How many grapes can you fit in your mouth, you have to eat them all too! - extra motivation I'll donate another £1 for each one! You've not had many suggestions yet so I'm just going to keep coming up with them and messaging you ❤️ xx


Ken Eadie


Lucy Barclay And Mark Grubb

Ice bucket challenge!! Or walk round Pollok Park in high heels! Either way you’ll smash it❤️❤️


Dawn Eadie


Ashleigh Herring





Garry Duncan


Becci Wallace

So sorry to hear about this.. xxx


Rebecca Folan


Michaela Muir


Daryl Doyle


Mellissa & Callum

Please try to down a whole bottle of coca cola while spinning around and see what happens... you may or may not fall over the garden wall LOL


Shelleh Macleod

Go skinny dipping in some baltic water.



Good luck!


Dominique Barclay