Let’s Beat Pancreatic Cancer!

By Charlotte Cook

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My target 35 miles

I am Taking It On this November

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and I am Taking It On.

It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within 3 months.

As you may know, Mum was recently diagnosed with this awful disease. It was such a surprise to all of us. What was even more surprising was the fact that the cancer is able to progress to stage 4 before any symptoms occur. At this point, surgical options are not possible. More research is needed to stop this terrible cancer in its tracks. 

Mum is such a positive, strong lady and I know she’ll fight it all the way. Whilst she’s undertaking the challenge of chemo, I’m going to do this challenge. 

Please support me and my fundraising. Together we can make a difference and fund world-leading research to find that breakthrough in new treatments and improve the speed of diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is tough but together, we’ll Take It On.

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Challenge Complete!

So, i didn’t do 24 miles....I didn’t do 35 miles....I managed 50 miles 😀
I’m so grateful for all the support in donations and kind words. My fundraising page is currently at over £1400 - how fantastic. Thank you to everyone! This money will be used to help to fight pancreatic cancer so that people in the future don’t have to suffer as my mum and many others have had to. 
Lots of love to everyone xxx

Running Ithe rain!


Would have been a miserable run today in the pouring rain, but it was brightened up by my son, Ewan, who cycled next to me and encouraged me to run an extra kilometre!!

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

I’ve been listing a different symptoms every few days on my Facebook page. 
So far, I’ve written about:
1. Weight loss 
2. Back and/or tummy pain
3. Indigestion
If you notice any of these, please please please see your GP and ask to be referred for a scan of your pancreas. 

Dark and cold!

After a couple of days having to self isolate, I’m finally off for another run....in the pitch black! Wish me luck!

1 week done

Today, I’d planned to do a 5k run. However, I somehow went the wrong way and ended up running 7.5k!! Chris (hubbie) was wondering where in earth I was! I made it home, very red faced but feeling proud that I’ve done 26 miles in a week. I’ve never run so much. I’ve thought about Mum a lot when I’m running. There’s not much I can do to help her at the moment. She’s doing so amazingly well with her chemo. I just hope for a miracle....in the meantime, I’ll keep on running and raising money so that we can prevent other people suffering with this awful disease in the future. 
On Facebook, I have been posting some of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer so that people know what to look out for. So far, I’ve discussed back and tummy pain as well as weight loss. Such common symptoms - no surprise that it gets missed so often. 

4 runs in a row!

So, I’ve taken advantage of 3 child free days whilst on annual leave and have managed to run for four days in a row. It’s lovely to be able to run in the sunshine and daylight. Next week, I’ll be doing gloomy, cold evening runs! 
Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. We can do this!!

1st run done

After a week of chips, ice cream and general holidaying, my first run was a bit tough. Still, that’s 5k down! Let’s see how the legs are tomorrow as would love to get our daily this week if I can! 

So the challenge begins...

I start my challenge today. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. I will be writing some facts over the next 24 days whilst I complete my challenge. Here’s the first one...
Q. Why 24 days?
A. That’s how many people die from Pancreatic Cancer in the UK every day. 


Hi Everyone,
What can I say? I am feeling very overwhelmed by the amazing donations and words of encouragement from my friends and family. It brought tears to my eyes this morning. 
I’m actually going to attempt to cover 35 miles in 24 days, and hope to do more if I can. 
Please feel free to share my page and spread the word so that we can fight this awful disease x

So I’ve signed up...!

Thanks for visiting my page. 
Well, I’ve not done anything like this before but I going to do it! 
Somehow, I’ll figure out how to add my progress as I go. 
I’ve got a month to get ready for the challenge! 

Thank you to my Supporters



Well done Charlotte


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Well done 👍


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Well done Charlotte


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Well done Charlotte , you did so well


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Congratulations Charlotte, a wonderful achievement for a very worthy cause


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Amazing achievement for a good cause !


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A worthy cause Charlotte x


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Good luck and well done Charlotte Love Jackie and Vernon x


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Amazing stuff Charlotte! As a family we have been affected by pancreatic cancer in the past. Good luck with the remaining days of your challenge!


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Great cause. Well done Charlotte.


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What a great cause. Go for it Charlotte! XXX


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Your Mum and your are such an inspiration Charlotte. Good luck and lots of love to you and your family. Emma, Ronan, Eilidh & Cara xxxx



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Because we love Sharon. Xxxxxxxxxx


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