Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Why is the awareness month so important?

Pancreatic cancer is the toughest cancer to diagnose, treat and survive. 1 in 4 won’t survive a month. And 3 in 4 people won’t survive for a year. This is an emergency. We need change, fast.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is one way we are asking for your support to help us change these shocking survival statistics. Our best tools against this disease are recognising it sooner and treating it quickly, within weeks, not months.

By fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK you can help us to fund more and better research that will save lives.

What your fundraising will support

By uniting together to Take It On this November you can help fund the next round of our Research Innovation Fund, where researchers are given up to £110k to carry out innovative research.

And through your fundraising you could help enable researchers to unlock further funding. We know for every £1 we invest in these programmes, it is typically matched by a further £7 from other large funders.

This year alone we have awarded grants in many different areas of research.

We have funded a tailored exercise programme for people with pancreatic cancer who have had surgery and are receiving chemotherapy. This study has the promise of giving people undergoing treatment a better quality of life, better recovery and longer life.

Another study will look at strengthening the immune system’s ability to fight pancreatic cancer, which could also potentially open the door to a new world of proven, highly effective treatments.

Perhaps even more excitingly, in the area of early diagnosis we have funded a study looking at the early detection of pancreatic cancer through changes to the DNA of cancer cells found in patient blood. Understanding basic processes could also form a basis for new treatments that stop the growth of cancers altogether.

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer but by taking it on and uniting together during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, we can transform the future for those affected by the disease.

Together change is possible. Take it on and save lives.